All UW students, including non-degree students, must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or submit a request for medical or religious exemption before they can register for classes. Learn more>>

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Non-Degree Enrollment

Payment Options

Full payment — or a purchase order or letter authorizing payment by a third party — is due at the time of registration. You are not officially registered and cannot begin your course until payment is received.

Below are options for paying for your course.

Credit or Debit Card

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. When paying by credit card, do not send your credit card information by e-mail. Instead, please call us at 206-543-2310 with that information.

Starting in May 2023, there will be a 2.75% nonrefundable service fee when paying by credit or debit card. 


Please make the check payable to University of Washington. Checks must be in U.S. funds and drawn on a U.S. bank. There is a $25 service charge for returned checks.


For safety reasons, we prefer that students do not pay in cash. We'll accept cash if you have no other way to make payment. But you must have the exact amount; Registration Services cannot provide change.

Third-Party Payments

If your employer has agreed to pay your educational costs upfront, on your behalf, this is a third-party payment. However, if your employer requires you to pay first and then apply for reimbursement, the employer is not considered a third-party payer.

To pay via third-party, you must present a purchase order or letter of authorization to bill from the employer with your registration form. We’ll invoice your employer directly for payment; any amount not covered by the third-party payment is your responsibility.

Private Loans

While non-degree students are not eligible for federal student aid, they may qualify for private bank or educational loans.

If you plan to pay with a loan, you must download, print and complete the payment agreement form and submit it with your registration forms.

Private loan funds must be certified by Registration Services before they can be applied to your account. To ensure that your loan was certified, email Registration Services at with your full name and UW student number.

If the amount of your loan is greater than the charges on your account, the difference will be sent to you via direct deposit or as a check mailed to your local address on file.

Veterans Education Benefits

If you're a United States military veteran, you may be able to use VA benefits to pay program costs. Contact the UW Veterans Education Benefits Office to determine eligibility before registering.

If you'll be using VA benefits, contact UWPCE Registration Services at prior to the third Friday of the quarter to make sure all needed authorizations are in place.