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Register as an NM Student

Step 1: Download and Print Forms

Download these forms to your computer or pick up copies at Registration Services.

The forms are editable PDFs. To fill them out, simply type in your information and then print them out. Or if you prefer to fill out the forms by hand, you can download them and write in the information.

Step 2: Find Your Course

Go to the UW Time Schedule.  

Under Current and future quarters, click on the academic quarter for which you’d like to register.

Once you've found your course, make a note of the information below. You’ll need it for your registration form.

uw time schedule legend

  • SLN (schedule line number)
  • Curriculum abbreviation
  • Course number
  • Section ID
  • Course name
  • Number of credits

Step 3: Add Course Information and Calculate Fees

Using the course information you noted in Step Two, complete the Registration Approval and Student Registration forms.

If you’re typing in the information, your total will be automatically calculated once you enter the course and technology fees. If you’re filling out the forms by hand, you’ll need to add the $45 registration fee and total the fees yourself.

Step 4: Get Signatures

To enroll in a UW class as a non-degree student, you must obtain the appropriate approvals on your Registration Approval form. Locate the appropriate academic department and call or email to find out that department's signature procedure. Feel free to ask the instructor and the department if they will approve your registration by sending you an e-mail message. E-mailed instructor and departmental registration approvals are acceptable instead of the Registration Approval form.

Step 5: Submit Forms and Payment

Return the completed Registration Form, signed Registration Approval Form (or e-mailed registration approvals from the instructor and the department) and all tuition and fees to Non-Degree Registration Services.

Full payment — or a purchase order or letter authorizing third-party payment — is due at the time of registration. Learn about payment options.

If you send instructor and departmental registration approvals and your Registration Form to Non-Degree Registration Services by e-mail, please do not include credit card payment information in your e-mail. Instead, please telephone us at 206-543-2310 with credit card payment information.

First-Class Mail
UW Continuum College Registration Services
P.O. Box 45010
Seattle, WA 98145-0010

In-Person, Express Mail or Courier Delivery
UW Continuum College Registration Services
4311 11th Ave. N.E., Suite 100
Seattle, WA 98105-4608
See map and hours


Step 6: Check Your Enrollment Status

After you submit your registration forms and complete payment, you’ll be placed on standby status and we’ll attempt to enroll you in the course. If you're new to the UW, you’ll get an email with your student number and private access code (PAC). This code should be used to establish your UW NetID, which gives you access to MyUW, an online portal where you can check your enrollment status. 

myuw screenshot

When you're in standby status, you'll see a status line on the course card in MyUW. Once you're enrolled, this line will go away.

Most students are enrolled within the first three days of the quarter. If you’re not enrolled by then, we’ll continue to try to enroll you unless you tell us otherwise. In the meantime, you should attend class because we still may be able to find you a spot. In some cases, you may need to obtain an add code from the professor or department in order for us to complete your registration. 

Note that enrollment as a non-degree student is on a standby, space-available basis only and cannot be guaranteed. If you can’t be enrolled, you’ll be issued a full refund.


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